Jo from Endeavour Hills Library

April 1st, 2019

We have joined the Libraries Change Lives conversation and are sharing the impact our public libraries have on the Casey Cardinia community.

Jo from Jo’s Kitchen Capers, a regular visitor and contributor to Endeavour Hills Library shares her memories and experiences of libraries, and talks about the value of libraries as a community space.

Have our libraries changed your life? Share your story here.

What do you love about your library?

Everyone at my local library are always very helpful and are a pleasure dealing with. It’s not just a building full of books but a place that makes me smile and happy to be.

It’s great to see what new things are going on and there is always a variety of things to encourage community participation

I have always loved the library it brings back fond memories of story time as a child, getting caught up in the narrative and excitement of the stories being told and sharing the anticipation with others. It gave me a love for books and reading that I have never lost and cherish.

Every town we have ever moved to the library is one thing I always join in the first week. It is an important part of my life and a place I know I can get local information, go to just to relax and read, study or participate in activities and/or talks that interest me and meet people.

Last year I approached my new local library regarding doing demonstrations and talks, sharing my passion for food and health. Encouraging people to live a healthier life through nutrition and lifestyle in the busy world we live in today. I am a qualified Chef and Health Coach and have my YouTube channel, website and social platforms where I share my journey dealing with health issues and how I have coped in the hope of helping others overcome the many health issues we are faced with today.

We are as humans living longer but are not as healthy as we should be and being able to have the opportunity to share my story and skills with local community in a place that people can come together in a safe environment to learn, share and interact is invaluable.

I believe that when we stop learning we stop living and our local libraries are an important place in our communities.