Mechanics Institute secures lasting legacy in Emerald

January 30th, 2019

A generous donation by the Emerald Mechanics Institute to the Emerald Library will have long term benefits for the community. 


Mechanics Institute representatives, Ray Spencer and Ron Harmer, yesterday presented a cheque for $24,500 to Jessica Nichols and Chris Buckingham from Casey Cardinia Libraries. 


Emerald Library was chosen by the Mechanic’s Institute to be the recipient of the funds because of the shared commitment to lifelong learning and community strengthening by both organisations.   


CEO of Casey Cardinia LibrariesMr Chris Buckingham, said, “Casey Cardinia Libraries is deeply grateful for this generous donation. There is a strong sense of connection between Public Libraries and Mechanics Institutes…we share the same DNA. We believe in encouraging literacy and lifelong learning in our community”  


The surprise, but very welcome donation, will be used to continue the valuable work the Institute has contributed to Emerald since 1904, when it was first incorporated. 


“Casey Cardinia Libraries are committed to making sure the funds provided by the Emerald Mechanics Institute are used to enhance the Emerald Library”, said Buckingham. 


To further embed their legacy in the Emerald community, the Mechanics Institute will soon release a book about their history and work in the region since their establishment more than a century ago. The book will be added to the library’s collections as well as being available for sale from the library.  


The donation by the Emerald Mechanics Institute to the Emerald Library is one the largest ever received by Casey Cardinia Libraries.  


“Casey Cardinia Libraries do receive donations from the community, partly because we now have donation tap points in our libraries as well as Deductible Gift Recipient Status with the Australian Tax Office. However this is the largest direct contribution we have received in recent times”, said Buckingham. 


Anyone wanting to make a donation or bequest to support their local library service is welcome to contact Chris Buckingham, CEO Casey Cardinia Libraries, directly.