Thanks for your feedback

April 26th, 2018

Thank you to the all those who took part in our recent Community Survey, telling us what you love about your local library and suggesting areas for improvement.

Nearly 400 people took part in the online survey, providing valuable feedback that will help shape our future planning.

Key findings from the community survey included:

• People generally feel welcome, happy and relaxed when they enter our libraries.

• New libraries provoke a strong range of responses – some people like change, some don’t.

• Requests for programs including adult education, children’s programs, new book events, more STEAM programs for kids (especially pre-schoolers), book clubs and author events

• Books are really important, and a lot of the people come to the library to read.

• People are coming to the library for quiet reading, study, work, community programs and workshops and to use our facilities.

• The range of activities can create tension and challenges around noise levels and space. There is an identified need for quiet spaces with suggestions including quiet times.

• We need to ensure that libraries are more accessible.

• Library users want light, friendly, inviting and comfortable spaces.

• Praise for our friendly and approachable staff – people feel they can ask staff for help.

• 67% of respondents were ‘highly likely’ to recommend the service to a friend, and a further 27% were ‘likely’ to recommend.

• We still have work to do educating library users about the full range of services we offer.