Help grow our Lego and Science Programs

Do you remember what it was like the first time you went to your local library?  Any book you wanted, the hours of entertainment.  All that knowledge at your fingertips.  It may have been where you discovered your passion for words, or history or science.  A passion that shaped your future.  And all of it available for free.  

For eight year old Poppy, the science program at her local library has changed her life.  Poppy was born with only half a functioning heart.  By the time she was four, she’d already had three open heart surgeries and spent much of her short life in hospital.  

One of the few activities that Poppy could take part in however was trips to the library with her Mum.  At the library Poppy discovered the Lego Club and through this developed a love of science and technology.  Amelia, Poppy’s mum is grateful for the library’s science program that is quite different to the classes at her primary school. 

“Because Poppy was so sick, Lego was one of the few activities she could do.  It engaged her mind and her hands.  Poppy absolutely loves the science program at the library.  It’s where she catches up with her friends, it’s where she uses her creativity.  It’s her passion.” 

Poppy’s mum doesn’t know where her daughter’s love of science will lead but at the moment is grateful for the possibilities it’s creating.  

“When I was growing up Lego and anything to do with science were considered ‘boy things’.  I love that there are as many girls as boys at this science club and that it shows the kids that science is something for girls.  I want Poppy to know she can do anything.”  

While government funding pays for the libraries’ core operations, we need your help to grow our science program.  For just $30 you can purchase a LEGO bricks set for our program to ensure that more children like Poppy can explore and develop a love of science.

$30 buys a LEGO Classis set for one of our library branches

$100 provides circuit kits so that children can learn how to light up their model

$150 will allow the library to buy a class set of LEGO Technic motors so that children can create moving parts