Home Delivery Service - Frequently Asked Questions

Home Delivery FAQs

What is being delivered in Home Delivery?

We can deliver your holds that arrive in library and can also send a selection of other items from your home library shelves.

Who can get Home Delivery service?

Members of Casey Cardinia Libraries who live within the City of Casey and Cardinia Shire.

Members with WEB IDs (online membership) will be able to submit a request.  Library staff will change them to a library card for borrowing when confirming the delivery, and the library card will be sent with the delivery.

If you are not a Casey Cardinia Libraries member or do not live within area, please contact your local library about their services.

How often can I get a delivery?

You can order once every FOUR weeks.

What does “Binge Bag” mean?

Binge Bags are where a staff member will select items on your behalf either based on the interests you specify when ordering or a complete surprise. Staff will always do their absolute best to meet specific requests but sometimes we can’t offer exactly what you request due to the stock available.

Can I return the library items I already have, or the ones you will send me?

External returns chutes are OPEN all day, every day.

Can I get items from other library services via Home Delivery?

Yes you can.  Place a hold on it and we will let you know when it is available.

What if I want an item that is on shelf at another Casey Cardinia Libraries branch?

Place a hold on it and we will let you know when it is available.

Why has my hold not yet arrived?

Your hold may not yet have arrived, due to being on loan. Or if it is coming from another library service, it can take some time to be transferred to Casey Cardinia Libraries.

I just want my hold(s) – is that possible?

Yes, but we encourage you to borrow more items (at least 10 items) as we can’t send out too often.  You can also come to the library during Click and Collect hours to collect your holds only.  Just be sure to have your library card with you.

How do I organise to get a mail out?

Click on Login at the top of the library website, enter your library card number and password and follow the instructions.

Can I have more than one delivery in a four-week period?  What if I pay for the extras?

Not currently.  We may reconsider this in future, depending on the demand for the service.

Can I change the delivery address after I have confirmed my delivery?

No, we can only send items to the confirmed address. If you need to change your details, please contact the library before you accept the home delivery.

Can Family holds be sent out in the same box?

If they are shelved together and at the same address, and they would fit, we can send in one box – staff would need to check.

If my holds won’t fit in one box, can they be added into the box of a family member?

Only if a family member has a box being sent at the same time. Otherwise they will be held over for four weeks.

Can I have my items delivered to a Post Office Box?

Yes, we can deliver to a Post Office Box.