Library has Legs Program

Library has Legs is a program that takes our early literacy services and programs direct to families.  We are funded to support children and families in Cranbourne (all of postcode 3977) and the entire local government area of Cardinia.

Library has Legs Cranbourne - The Early Years Literacies Outreach Program

Ivy from Library has Legs Cranbourne provides outreach support to various playgroups in the Cranbourne area: the Balee Koolin Bubup Bush Playgroup at RBGV Cranbourne, VACCA Cranbourne Koorie Kids’ Playgroup at Cranbourne Community House and several City of Casey Supported Playgroups.  She also works with the children and families of the Cranbourne Women’s Multicultural Group and coordinates the Multilingual storytime program and resource kit program at Cranbourne Library. 

In the current circumstances of the COVID-19 outbreak, Ivy is providing more support direct to families and to the organisations with which she works in partnership.

Parents and carers of children aged 0-12 years in postcode 3977 can request direct assistance from Ivy through the Library has Legs program during the virus outbreak.  There are a few criteria.  Please give Ivy a ring on 0428 252 919 or email her on for more information.  If you are a service provider who would like more information, we’d also love to hear from you.

There is a broad range of support that can be provided to families, dependent on individual needs, including but not limited to reading stories with children, support for parents, help with homeschooling questions, information inquiries, assistance navigating services and activities to do at home.  The support is broad and we understand that sometimes what is needed is just a helpful person to reach out to at such a hard time when people are isolated.

Ivy also produces a Library has Legs newsletter that provides updates about local services, events and free activities and workshops.  If you would like to subscribe, please email her at

Library has Legs Cardinia

Jo-Anne from Library has Legs Cardinia provides individual in-home literacy engagement and support for families with children aged 0-12 years. Alternatively, the Books on Wings program provides a once a month free home book and literacy delivery and online literacy engagement sessions for families

She helps parents support their child’s language & literacy development through books, reading, children’s songs, nursery rhymes and play.  

Eligibility criteria apply.

Jo-Anne also develops and coordinates the Cardinia Literacy Kits known as Story Activity Boxes & Story Stacks. These resources are available for early years educational services (Kindergarten & early learning centres) in Cardinia and Casey.

Houses in boxes, the Story Activity Boxes contain a variety of materials; each has a selection of books and companion materials. They are designed to support reading experiences and to encourage different ways of enhancing language and literacy skills in children. The companion materials might include puppets, games, play figures, musical instruments, music CDs, songs, rhymes, craft and information that can be copied for parents.

Enquiries from families, agencies, services and schools are welcome.

Email or phone 0409 356 967.

Library has Legs is a Communities for Children program.  The Communities for Children initiative is funded by the Australian Government.  Our facilitating partners are Windermere in Cranbourne and Anglicare in Cardinia.