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NOTE: During Covid-19, Ancestry is generously giving library members access to Ancestry – Library edition from anywhere. Access is available until 31st December 2021.

You must login with your library card and password to access.

Getting started:

  1. Go to our Ancestry  login page
  2. Enter your library membership number and password and click login
  3. Click the Ancestry heading to access

If you have a library membership but can’t login – you can reset your password online, or contact us.

If you don’t have a library membership, you can join online or contact us.

You can access the wide range of family history resources available through for free, using your library card.

Please note that due to licensing restrictions, this services is only available in our libraries – through a library PC or using library WiFi on your own device, and not through your computer at home.

For the differences between personal subscriptions and the Library Edition, see:

Ancestry vs. Ancestry Library Edition

Getting started

  1. No login required – only works within Casey Cardinia Libraries branches – either on a library PC or using library Wi-Fi
  2. If new to Ancestry, explore the options available
  3. When ready, click Begin Searching
  4. More help is available at Ancestry Library Edition Library Guides