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Choice Online

Choice is an Australian consumer advocacy magazine and online news service. It is free to access online with your library membership here.

Getting Started



  1. Go to Choice
  2. Click on the current issue to open and read (it will open in a new tab and may take a minute)
  3. To access back issues, open the current issue and click All Issues in the right hand menu
  4. Scroll to the required issue and click to open



  1. Download the Flipster app – Android | Apple
  2. Open it and tap get started
  3. Tap Allow for the app to find the library, or tap Don’t Allow, enter Casey Cardinia in the search box and tap search
  4. Tap Log In next to Casey Cardinia Library Corporation
  5. Enter your library card number and tap Sign In
  6. Tap the current magazine to open it in review:
    1. Tap download to read 
    2. Scroll down to see other issues and tap download as required
  7. To access downloaded magazines, click My Shelf at the bottom of screen, then tap the edition you want to open.
  8. Swipe to read through the magazines

Flipster FAQ

Using Choice through a browser