Online Resources

Living in Australia – Learning English with AMES

Living in Australia uses multimedia to help learners with improving their English, using real contexts and immersing learners in the language.  Login with your library card number.

This online resource is aimed at self-study as learners watch and hear native English speakers participating in real-life social and work situations.

Interactive exercises, including speaking tasks, provide learners with opportunities to practice and develop their confidence in the new language. Instant feedback on answers helps.

With Living in Australia, learners can:

  • have 24 hour access to study anywhere, anytime,
  • focus on their own learning needs
  • improve their English speaking with listening practice
  • increase their English language proficiency, and
  • gain exposure to western cultural norms of communication to live and work in Australia

Getting Started

  • Click on the link to Living in Australia
  • Enter your library card number and click/tap the Enter button
  • Click or tap Living in Australia
  • Click or tap the lesson of your choice in the left hand menu
  • The lesson will open in the main part of your screen
  • Follow the instructions on screen