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Free study and homework help, online 24/7 with Studiosity

Feeling overwhelmed, stuck on a study question or not sure where to even start with an assignment?

With your library membership, you get free access to Studiosity: online study help from real people.

  1. Connect Live: select a subject (like writing, maths, science, economics, assignment research and more), type your question and you’ll be connected with a friendly Subject Specialist for live, one-to-one help in real time. It’s typed chat, interactive whiteboard and you can even share files.
  2. Writing Feedback: submit your draft essay or written assignment, and in less than 24 hours one of the writing specialists will send it back to you with detailed feedback on how you can improve your own work. They’ll comment on your spelling/grammar, structure, language and more.
  3. Practice Quizzes: access a database of over 750 practice tests in all core curriculum subjects, including maths, English, chemistry, biology, and physics with year levels from 7-12. If you get stuck on a quiz question you can connect straight through to a Specialist.

NOTE: In line with Studiosity’s Fair Use Policy, each session will generally not exceed 20 minutes, however a new session can then be started if required.  Each member can access up to 10 sessions per month.

Getting Started

  1. On your laptop or PC, click here – on your mobile device, download the Studiosity app
  2. Login with your library card and password
  3. From the homescreen
    1. If needing immediate help, click Ask a questions and complete the required details before clicking connect
    2. If needing writing help, click Submit your document, complete the required details before uploading your document
    3. Select quizzes at right to practice

Using Studiosity Instructions | Studiosity Quizzes

Connect Live demo (Ask a question)

Writing Feedback demo


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