RB Digital Help

With the change from Zinio to RB Digital and the inclusion of e-audiobook content in the new platform, library members have experienced some issues with successfully accessing content through the RB Digital app.  To help with this, here are some troubleshooting options.  If none of these resolve the issue, please use our Contact Us form to let us know of the problem, so that the library can follow up further.

  1. The device must be connected to WiFi
  2. If the member previously used the Zinio e-magazines website – they will need to go to the RB Digital website first, login and once successfully completed, they will be able to login to the app. 
    • If they can’t successfully login, contact the Information Services Coordinator about resetting their account.
  3. If the member has not used Zinio, or used RB Digital before, they will need to register at the RB Digital website first with:
    1. Username – you can choose what you like
    2. Password
    3. Library card number
    4. Password – If the member does not know their library card password, this can be reset through the library website or catalogue, or by contacting library staff
  4. When logging into the app ensure:
    • Australia is selected as the country
    • Enter the email address and password that were used at RB Digital registration
    • Select Casey Cardinia Libraries
    • Enter the member’s library card number and password
  5. If the login process starts but doesn’t complete:
    1. Try logging out of the app
      • Click menu
      • Select logout
      • Login again
    2. Close the app fully
      • On Apple devices: tap the home button once to minimise the app, then double tap the home button to show open apps and swipe the app off screen to close it fully
      • On Android devices: tap the home button once to minimise the app, then tap the menu button to show open apps (at right on bottom menu bar) and tap the x next to the app to close it
    3. Delete the app and reinstall it and then login again
    4. Turn the device off and on again.

If none of these options resolve the issue, please contact us so we can investigate further.