Staff's Favourite Reads June 2022

Our lovely team are back with some more reviews and recommendations! Here’s what kept them all engrossed throughout the month of June.

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An A List For Death by Pamela Hart

Chosen by Courtney, Branch Manager

Poppy McGowan is back as the accidental detective. Fresh off solving the murder in her own home, Poppy become embroiled in another mystery when she finds a close friend of her Aunt unconscious in her bathroom. What starts out as a accidental fall soon turns in to robbery and ultimately murder. And Poppy is at the very heart of all the drama which gets the A-List treatment when rockstar Nathan Castle becomes involved. Cleverly witty, yet suspenseful, An A-List for death delivers a colourful cast of characters with a whodunit mystery that will have the reader puzzling it out till the very end. Poppy once again shines in this novel as the strong, intelligent and kind protagonist who can’t seem to help but become the accidental detective- an a fairly good one at that. The plot is cleverly delivered and well balanced between being witty yet suspenseful. A standout novel from an Australian author. If you’re a fan of the Thursday Murder club you will love An A-List for death (though be sure to give the first novel in the series Digging up Dirt a read as well).

Dear Child by Romy Hausmann

Chosen by Lynda, Customer Experience Officer

Dear Child is described as ‘Gone Girl meets Room’, which I think is quite an accurate description. The story begins after the escape of a captive and her child, who were held prisoner in a remote cabin in the forest where all of their actions were controlled by the abductor, with harsh reprisals if his rules were broken. The story is told from three people’s perspectives – the captive, the child and the grandfather – and they all have secrets they are keeping for different reasons.

From the start there were so many questions that arose about what happened and why. The story captivated me straight away as I didn’t feel like it was a slow burn and I wanted to find out what really happened. I felt like the book teased me with glimpses of the answers in true page-turner style, which I loved. I would recommend this book to any thriller lover.

The Island by Adrian McKinty

Chosen by Janine, Customer Experience Officer

What a heart stopping read this was! Newly married Heather comes to Australia with her surgeon husband and two step children for a medical conference. The children want to see a Koala and their father agrees to take them out to an island that is inhabited only by one family. What ensues is a story of regret, survival, murder and twists and turns galore.

This is the first book I’ve read by this author and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I can’t wait to see what the upcoming TV mini-series based on this book will be like as it’s a great story. If you like fast paced suspenseful books then this is the one for you!

The No Show by Beth O’Leary

Chosen by Courtney, Branch Manager

The No Show is the latest novel from Romance Writer Beth O’Leary. If you have read O’Leary novel before then prepare yourself to be surprised; this time around O’Leary has excelled herself with a more complex and compelling read than her previous novels.

The no show follows the stories of Siobhan, Miranda and Jane, three vastly different yet strong female characters each in their own right. All three ladies have one thing in common….they are all stood up on Valentine’s Day by Joseph Carter. There begins the story of these three women’s lives as the navigate their day to day after being stood up on the most romantic day of the year. O’Leary cleverly and deceptively unwinds their stories bringing each thread together in an unexpected yet brilliant narrative. You will be compelled to adore Siobhan, Miranda and Jane for the individual personalities and be left wondering just how you should feel about Joseph Carter. The no show is a delves deep into the intricacies and love and heartbreak in all its messy glory. It’s a clever and terrific read and by far my absolute floriferous novel by O’Leary. Give it a read, because you won’t be disappointed.


Paperbark Hill by Maya Linnell

Chosen by Janine, Customer Experience Officer

Diana is a widowed mum of 4 boys and is doing it all with raising her boys and getting her flower farm business off the ground. Enter Ned who is a single dad with two children of his own returning home after the death of his father and discovering his estranged mother living in the shed on his dad’s property. All the ingredients for a great story.

Maya’s writing shows her great passion for country life and the land. Her descriptions of the flower farm had me imaging the scent of the roses, the aromas of the scones and muffins baking and at the end of the day the challenges faced by good people trying to raise a family and manage a business at the same time, with challenges constantly being thrown their way.

I think this was a very satisfying conclusion to the McIntyre sister’s stories and I can’t wait to see what’s next for this very talented Victorian writer.

Each of Maya’s books can be read as a standalone title but readers would definitely benefit by reading them in order – Wildflower Ridge, Bottlebrush Creek, Magpie’s Bend and then Paperbark Hill.