Staff's Favourite Reads - February 2021

Our wonderful CCL team have put together a list of the books they just haven’t been able to put down at the start of this year.

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Those People by Louise Candlish

Chosen by Jenny Bremner, Customer Experience Officer

This is a fantastic read for anyone who likes a bit of neighbourhood drama or anyone who has had to endure living next door to the neighbours from hell! The book is set in a quiet, family orientated street in London where all the neighbours are friendly, helpful and community minded. That is until Darren and Jodie move into the house at number 1. All hell breaks loose as they play their music too loud, drive recklessly down the street as children play, turn their front yard into a junk heap with building materials for renovations which seem to go on all day and all night and car wrecks for their illegal car sales business. From their bewildered neighbours’ point of view, they generally just show a total lack of regard for anyone else in the street and neither the police nor the council seem prepared or are able to help control them.

It doesn’t take long for the cracks to begin appearing as neighbour turns on neighbour and couples on each other under the relentless strain. But then a major tragedy occurs on Darrens property and the neighbours are hopeful that an end to all the disruption is in sight, but it seems the police are more interested in the neighbours and the part they have had to play in this tragedy that the real culprits.  

The Law of Innocence by Michael Connelly

Chosen by Michelle McLean, Information Services Co-ordinator

I have just finished reading The Law of Innocence by Michael Connelly and I couldn’t put it down!

Law of Innocence is the sixth book on defence lawyer Mickey Haller, who was immortalised by Mathew McConaughey in the movie of the book The Lincoln Lawyer.

In Law of Innocence, Haller is arrested for murder after the body of a former client is found in the “trunk” of his car.  Knowing his fate is in his own hands, Haller leads his own defence from his jail cell.  With the help of his team and support of his family, Haller is up against both time and threats to his life, to prove his innocence.

This murder/mystery is heavily focused in the courtroom drama, but is far from boring.  The twists and turns in procedure, legal byplay, personal motives and agency politics, keep you engaged and intrigued throughout.  Although you might not doubt Haller’s innocence, you are engaged in if he can prove that, when all seems against him.

You can find this book through your local branch in normal print and large print, or you can borrow the ebook through Borrowbox.

The Grace Year by Kim Liggett

Chosen by Jadine MacCuaig, Customer Experience Officer

This book starts with our protagonist, Tierney, being sent off to complete her Grace Year. A tradition of this town where all females at the age of 16 are banished to the wild to expel their magic and return purified (becoming meek and obeying wives/members of their community). The girls face all the turmoil of surviving the wilderness, escaping hunters and the stark changes their bodies are undergoing. However the true challenge may be the one the girls pose to each other.

The pace of this book had me devour it in days, flying through the pages as Liggett keeps you on your toes with twists and turns. Another remarkable element of this book is how it examines the complex growth we undergo in traumatic experiences and how relationships with others can morph under immense pressure. Tierney is also very sceptical of her society and the existence of their so-called evil powers. Reading from her perspective makes you question what reality is and who to trust.

This suspenseful young adult thriller is a cross between The Handmaid’s Tale and The Hunger Games and was also a nominee for the 2019 Good Reads Choice Awards. I cannot recommend this book enough!

Last Known Contact by Phillipa Nefri Clark

Chosen by Janine Kimberley, Customer Experience Officer

Ellie Connor arrives back in Melbourne from London, she has jet lag and is shocked by the news that her father, Jack is missing. Her father has been missing for three days and nobody has heard from him or knows whether he is dead or alive. Ellie’s ex-husband Dennis is the last person to have seen her father. She doesn’t know where to turn for answers. Detective Ben Rossi is investigating the case, Ellie and Ben have a past as Ben was her brother’s best friend until an accident involving her brother tore them apart.

This book has everything to make it a great page-turner – romance, intrigue, murder, deception, all rolled into one thrilling story. The characters are extremely well developed and the reader is left guessing right up until the end.

I would highly recommend this book to readers who love thrillers and fast-paced novels with lots of twists and turns, and with the book being set in Melbourne, it was a bonus to relate to the locations within the story.

On Fire by Naomi Klein

Chosen by Amy Gregorovich, Customer Experience Officer

I’ve been reading “On Fire” by Naomi Klein – Number 1 International and New York Times bestselling author. This is an expansive exploration about the battle for a more sustainable world, with the author discussing cultural, environmental and overarching societal issues in a call to action, demanding a Green New Deal.

Not only is this book well-researched and passionate but it delves into topics that will inspire all generations. Similar authors include David Wallace-Wells, Rachel Carson and Bill McKibben.

You can find this book through our library catalogue – Happy reading!

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

Chosen by Sue Walters, Team Leader

“What if you could try out all the lives you could have lived and pick one? Would you choose differently?”

I loved this clever, touching fantasy fiction by the author or “Reasons to Stay Alive” and “How To Stop Time”.

34 year old Nora is lonely and sad and has just lost her cat. This is the last straw and she has decided life is not worth living anymore when she discovers The Midnight Library. The library exists between life and death and allows her to try out all the other lives she could have lived.

If you like the concept behind films such as “Sliding Doors” – you’ll love this book too! It’s about finding hope, making choices and not having any regrets. It makes you think about what really matters to you. Highly recommended!

Available from our catalogue and from Borrowbox as an eAudioBook – read beautifully by the actress, Carey Mulligan.