Staff's Favourite Reads January 2022

Our lovely team are back with some more reviews and recommendations! Here’s what kept them all engrossed throughout the month of January.

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Dear Son by Thomas Mayor

Chosen by Sandra, Branch Manager

This moving and poignant book shares heartfelt letters written by First Nations men about life, masculinity, love, culture and racism. Along with his own vivid and poignant prose and poetry, author and editor Thomas Mayor invites 12 others to write a letter to their son, father or nephew, bringing together a range of perspectives that offers a celebration of First Nations manhood.

This is an important book as it comes at a time when first Nations people break free of derogatory stereotypes and can celebrate family and culture, despite the fact that each contributor has been wronged because of their Aboriginality.

This is a gentle and loving book for all families , no matter where they come from or call home.

Slow Down and Grow Something by Byron Smith and Tess Robinson

Chosen by Amy, Customer Experience Officer

A beautiful ‘coffee table’ book that has meaning behind it. The authors have created the perfect guide to urban growing that is complete with delicious recipes. No matter what space you have – a backyard, courtyard, balcony etc –  this book will have a great tips for you. From growing food, to recipes, to just generally slowing down in live, this book is a lovely read. As the authors put it “the good life is waiting for you.

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

Chosen by Ananay, Library Assistant

The Silent Patient is a psychological thriller that is both captivating and compelling. The story delves into the life of a women who seems to have a perfect life with a loving husband. Yet this perception is thrown into complete disarray when Alicia shoots her husband in the head five times. Following this bizarre murder Alicia does not speak again.

The key to uncovering the chilling murder lies in the unnerving silence of Alicia, a mission which Theo Faber is determined to uncover. As a forensic psychotherapist he becomes obsessed with finding out the truth behind the brutal and random killing of Gabriel.

This book is one that I could not put down and succeeded in leaving a last impression! Alex Michaeldies brilliantly spun the story in such a way that was completely unpredictable. This book is a wonderful introduction for those who are new to the thriller/mystery genre and simultaneously one which will ensure that the mystery lovers remain hooked.

Still by Matt Nable

Chosen by Sue, Team Leader

Set in Darwin in 1963, it is hot and humid and the feeling of suffocation is affecting both a jaded Senior Constable Ned and a young housewife Charlotte. Life is tough and revolves around the pub and there are secrets and violence behind every door. After the first death we discover just how brave they will need to be to fight for what is right.

If you enjoyed The Dry or Scrublands this is another atmospheric thriller set in the unforgiving Australian outback.

It Wasn’t Meant To Be Like This by Lisa Wilkinson

Chosen by Janine, Customer Experience Officer

Absolutely brilliant. I’ve always admired Lisa for her commitment, humility and passion for her family and her work. I could relate to her childhood a lot which mirrored mine scarily even down to the quote about a Yardley pot o gloss which was the ‘in’ beauty product in the 70’s.

What an incredible story she has. Lisa’s in-depth, long awaited biography takes us through her childhood days in Campbelltown, her dream jobs at Dolly and Cleo and all the way through her time on Nine’s Today Show and that shock exit.

Loved reading about her career, which showed her natural talent and passion for her work ethic. Highly recommend to anyone who loves a story about a girl who grew up in such a normal way and rose to become the admired woman she is today.

It’s currently available to borrow at the library and is also a Top Title.