Warm Winter Read

Warm Winter Read

Calling all early risers, morning motivators, lunchtime readers, after work relaxers, and bedtime snugglers – incorporate reading into your daily routine with the Warm Winter Read.

Create healthy reading habits this winter by tracking your progress online via Beanstack or by collecting a paper tracker from your local library.

Start a book from your TBR pile, finish that book you put down months ago, or find something new while browsing the library shelves – the Warm Winter Read is waiting for you!

Want to participate?

Log each day you spend time reading, between Wednesday 1 June – Sunday 31 July, on the Beanstack Tracker app, via the Beanstack website or on the Warm Winter Read postcard.

Check in with your local library for more information about the Warm Winter Read.

Let us inspire you!

Collect bookmarks with recommended reads from Victorian authors including Jane Harper, Jock Serong, Maxine Beneba Clare, Toni Jordan, Rebecca Lim, Claire G Coleman, Helen Garner and Christos Tsiolkas, from your local library.

Join the conversation online by sharing your progress through the eight activities using #WarmWinterRead

1 – Choose something to read – try a Victorian writer, ask us for a recommendation!
2 – Swap some screen time for reading time
3 – Read outside your home
4 – Read aloud to a pet, person or plant
5 – Snuggle up with your read
6 – Read while doing something else; commuting, waiting, doing chores (ebooks/audiobooks are great for this!)
7 – Talk about what you’re reading in person or online
8 – Choose something else to read! Choose what to read next!

Need some ideas? check out our list of suggested Victorian authors to read as part of the challenge here.

Register via Beanstack or print off the PDF to track your reading.